God's Land Journey

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We invite you to join us on a virtual journey to the place where the Bible and the Land speak for themselves. Dr. Karl Coke and Anton Farah, Senior Israeli Guide, take us on a geographical tour through the most important Biblical sites in Israel. From Mount Hermon in the North, to Eilat in the South. From the Jordan River in the East, to the Mediterranean Sea in the West.

Subscribe now to get full access to the first episodes of the journey. See and hear about the places where Jesus walked, taught and performed miracles. Learn about the geography, culture and history of places you have read about in the Old and New Testaments. Watch the stories come alive as you follow Dr. Coke through the Land of the Bible. You will have unlimited access to the videos on a monthly or yearly (saving you $100) subscription basis, as well as downloadable detailed site notes with each episode. We will continue adding content as we complete it, until we reach our 52 episode goal.

Please enjoy this teaser from the Galilee sub-set.
Come join us on a journey to God's Land!